Same-day denture repair and relines when you need it most

Get expert denture repairs fast from our on-site lab

What’s worse than having a broken, cracked or chipped denture? Being told that your dentures need to be sent away for repair.

At Wellington Street Denture Clinic, we know that time without your dentures is time when your life is on hold. You can’t smile, speak clearly or eat properly. You hesitate to go out in case someone sees you without your teeth.

Fortunately, we have our own on-site denture lab, which means that in most cases, our digital denture experts can repair a broken, cracked or damaged denture, do a denture reline (lining the tissue side for a snug fit) or a denture rebase (replacing the base of your denture) on the day you bring it in – so you can get on with your life again.

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Denture repairs

When do you need denture repairs?

You will need professional denture repair services if:

  • Your denture has a cracked base, is chipping or has lost an artificial tooth
  • You’ve lost a natural tooth and your partial denture no longer fits – we can add clasps and denture teeth to your existing partial denture to fill in the gap

If the damage is extensive (or if you’ve lost your denture) and you need a full denture replacement, our digital denture process means that we already have your impression on file, and we can make you an exact replica to replace your broken denture in a matter of hours, without having to take another scan.

Denture repair can take anywhere from 2 – 6 hours depending on the damage. We will provide an accurate timeline after assessing your dentures during a free consultation.


A sign of a deeper issue

A cracked or broken denture may also be a sign of a more serious problem, such as a denture that no longer fits due to gum or bone shrinkage. In this case, a denture repair would only be a temporary fix.

We’ll make a follow-up appointment to give you and your dentures a thorough examination and adjust the fit, or advise on other options.

Denture relines

What is denture relining?

After tooth loss, your gums and bones will naturally shrink. When these changes occur, you may find that your denture fits differently. (You might also experience this if you’ve lost weight or been ill.)

Denture relining is the process of adding new base (pink material) to the tissue area of your current dentures. Relining ensures that your dentures stay snug and secure in your mouth. Relining will not change the appearance or address any wear of the denture teeth.

Many denturists recommend denture relines every 1.5 – 3 years after your first denture placement. That way, you minimize discomfort or dental problems caused by receding gums/bone.

Schedule a consultation for a denture reline if you have any of these common signs:

    • Your dentures feel loose and start to move around causing discomfort
    • Food begins to collects under your denture due to gaps
    • It feels like there is air trapped underneath your denture
    • You experience frequent sore spots

What is a soft reline?

A soft reline is when soft liners are applied to the tissue fitting surface of your new or old denture. The soft liner acts like a shock-absorbing cushion when you are chewing. Because of their porous nature, soft liners may need to be replaced more frequently.

Soft liners are suitable for patients who need comfort and relief if you have:

  • Chronic soreness
  • Sensitive gums (that are flat or severely receded) that feel strain due to denture stress
  • Gums with prominent or sharp ridges

Denture Rebase

What is a denture rebase?

Over time, your denture base material may stain or discolour, even though the denture teeth present show little signs of wear.

We take an impression of your current denture, and in our own digital denture lab, we can replace the entire base of your denture that same day.

Frequently asked questions about denture repair and relines

How much does denture repair cost?

The answer depends on the extent of your denture problem. Obviously small repairs cost less than complete replacements, but there are many variables to consider; if reinforcements are required, if we have to take impressions or make molds, or if teeth need to be replaced.

How much does a denture reline cost?

We set our reline costs according to the Recommended Denturist of Ontario Fee Guide. The final price depends on whether your denture requires a simple reline (with a layer of acrylic) to refit your old denture or a complete replacement.


How long does a soft reline last?

A soft reline will lasts around 1-2 years. Due to their porous nature, soft relines need frequent replacements than hard relines.