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Are you experiencing gum or tooth pain when you eat?
There is no need to suffer with mouth pain. We can determine the cause of your oral pain, and offer solutions that make eating enjoyable again.

Have you lost your smile?
If you’re embarrassed about your teeth and are reluctant to smile, we’ll help you find your smile again with dentures that fit and function just like your natural teeth.

Are you nervous about seeing a denturist and having impressions taken?

You’re not alone. Our friendly denturists will put you right at ease. And the good news is, our digital denturists use a magic wand to take digital impressions our your mouth, with no goop! It’s fast, less intrusive, pain-free and there is no gagging!

We’ll give you more reasons to smile

Come and see us at the Wellington Street Denture Clinic and Dental Implant Centre for all your denture, dental implant and smile makeover needs. Send us a message using the form on the right and someone will get back to you!

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