Removable dental implants keep your dentures secure and promote oral health

Protect your gums and jawbone from shrinkage

While today’s advanced digital dentures make it possible for millions of people to rediscover the joy of eating, smiling and speaking naturally, there is an underlying issue with the gum tissues and jawbone.

Without the protection of your natural teeth and roots, gum tissue recedes and the jawbone shrinks. This loss of natural tissue means that ongoing adjustment of your dentures is required to ensure a snug fit in your mouth. Additionally, denture wearers may experience muscle atrophy because your bite with dentures isn’t as strong as with your natural teeth.

How can denture implants help?

Denture implants act as replacements for the roots of natural teeth, working to maintain the bone’s structure and density needed for long-term oral health. Dental implants also provide a firm foundation for your removable dentures giving you a stronger bite that helps prevent muscle atrophy, and enabling you to eat, speak and smile with added confidence.

Whether you are missing a few teeth or require a complete set of dentures, we can fit you with removable denture implants. Talk to us today. 

How removable dentures on implants work

A denture implant looks like a small screw, and is made of surgical titanium – a type of metal that the body easily accepts. Denture or dental implants are installed by a dental surgeon. Each implant is placed below the gum directly into the jawbone, where it eventually bonds with the bone to strengthen it.

The implant is topped with a ball-shaped attachment that snaps into a connector located within your removable dentures firmly anchoring them in your mouth.

Caring for your new dentures is similar to caring for your natural teeth. Brushing and regular dental check-ups are recommended.



The benefits of dental implants

  • Stronger bite
  • More comfortable fit
  • Eat and speak more naturally
  • Prevents tissue and bone shrinkage
  • Helps to maintain jaw muscle
  • No need for denture adhesive
  • Natural appearance
  • Promotes long-term oral health


FAQs: Removable Dentures on Implants

How long do removable dentures on implants last?

If maintained correctly, removable dentures on implants can last for 10-20 years or longer. However, the fixed denture/ appliance may need to be replaced as necessitated by wear.

How much do implant overdentures cost?

It is more expensive than traditional dentures, but the cost depends on a number of factors: the cost of your dental surgery – which varies according to your dental treatment plan; the number of dental implants you receive; and the type of denture you choose for dental implant support.

Is there a downside to having dental implants?

Depending on the bone quality and availability, sometimes bone grafting surgery may be required. Dental implants typically take 3-6 months to heal. The cost may also be a limiting factor depending on the amount of implants being used and the denture being placed on the implants.

Does food get trapped under dental implants?

Occasionally certain types of sticky, chewy food can get caught between the soft gum tissues and the teeth or the implants to which they are attached.

Can I decide to have fixed dentures on implants later?

Yes, we can adapt your removable dentures on implants to fixed dentures on implants – but only if you have a full denture arch. We cannot do fixed dentures on implants for partial dentures or single missing teeth.